Are you facing any of these problems?

“My data folders are changed to Folder shortcuts”
“All files and folders on my flash/Pen drive are changed to shortcuts”
“I have lost all my data on Pen/Jet drive due to the virus, how to recover that?”

Then your USB drive might have been infected by a malicious virus.

USB drives have become one of the most popular types of storage media. We all make use of the USB drives for storing our important data as a backup or to transfer it between different computers. Sometimes it is very important to keep our data with us, at that time, USB drives come as a handy solution. Well, it would rather seem to be a headache when you find that your important files are missing or deleted due to that virus. Without formatting, you will not be able to use the USB device but if you format it, all your files will be gone forever.

So what is the solution and how to recover files from virus infected flash drive? The answer is very simple. Use Formatted USB drive recovery tool that will help in recovering photos from a USB drive that has been formatted after being infected by the virus. Mostly pen drives do not contain any kind of security measures, that helps in avoiding the virus infection. Since the USB drives are used in different computer systems, it might get infected very easily. Also if some infected files are saved on the drive then also it multiplies itself and corrupts other files too. Read here the best process to recover data from a corrupted USB drive.

When a user tries to access a virus infected USB drive, then either it will show error messages or you will not find the files that you have saved in it. When you check the properties of the USB Drive, it shows that the Disk usage exists but inside the pen drive files aren’t there. Don't worry, all your important files are still safe, only they have been made hidden by the virus. If they are formatted, then also they can be restored as long as they are not overwritten. In order to recover data from USB drive not formatted, you can utilize this efficient tool which will avoid data loss situations when USB drive not recognized or not formatted error gets displayed.

Note - To avoid overwriting of deleted/lost data, let the USB drive remain idle until the recovery process is performed.

The virus might enter in your pen drive through an already infected system, saving of a malicious file onto the USB drive or accessing malicious sites while the USB drive is connected to the desktop or laptop, from which the site has been accessed.

Formatted USB data recovery software is the best option to bring back all the files that were lost due to a virus or a forced format. To get back USB data after a quick format is also very simple by using this tool. The tool has an inbuilt scanning algorithm that is very advanced & powerful. It can scan even a USB drive with a very high capacity within a short span of time. The utility is so versatile that it supports all the brands of USB drives, different versions of Windows & Mac OS, etc. If you want to know how to recover data from a formatted SanDisk USB drive, then follow the steps that are mentioned below. Download the free version of the tool and perform the recovery. If the results are satisfying then you can buy the full version to save the retrieved files. The demo version even provides a Preview option that helps in viewing the recovered files before saving them.

How to recover files from the virus infected flash drive?

Step 1 – Run the data recovery application on your computer.

Step 2 – From the main screen select “Recover Photos” option.

Recover Files from Virus Infected Flash Drive - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 3 – Select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option form the next screen.

Recover Files from Virus Infected Flash Drive - Recover Deleted / Lost Photos

Fig 2: Recover Deleted/Lost Photos

Step 4 – Then choose the connected USB drive and press next to initiate the recovery process.

Recover Files from Virus Infected Flash Drive - Select Drive

Fig 3 : Select Drive

Step 5 – After that, the recovered files are displayed that can be previewed.

Recover Files from Virus Infected Flash Drive - Preview Recovered

Fig 4: Preview Recovered

Step 6 – You may then proceed to save the files to a proper destination.

Recover Files from Virus Infected Flash Drive - Save Recovered

Fig 5: Save Recovered

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users